Cult DAO Pre Proposal

Hi everyone!!

Cult is a protocol to fund projects that contribute to decentralization, fight centralization or pursue a noble cause!! That `s us !!

So I propose making a preproposal to receive funding from them. To know how Cult investments work have a look to their webpage and or / manifesto

this is the text of the preproposal to get a guardian sponsoring us and publishing one (or several) proposals that will get funded if the voting amongst stakers is positive. We could even raise proposals to fund projects and having CultDAO as an “institutional” lender.

The discussion will happen in CULT DAO’s discord @ CULT.DAO

  1. What is the name of your project?
  1. Have you read the manifesto? (If not please do so here

Probably 20 times :slight_smile:

  1. Have you read the suggested investment guidelines? (If not, please join discord and do so


  1. Which suggested investment guidelines do you think apply to your project?

Option 2 Promising microcap ( 1 MM USD)

  1. Can you give a brief outline of your project?

EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol helping unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates. Since its inception in 2018, EthicHub has managed more than $2M in loans, for a total of 10.000 lending transactions, and is helping over 1250 families in 21 communities in 3 countries. (Mexico , Brazil and Honduras) . The repayment rate of credits has been 98.8% and the defaulted amounts were compensated to investors using the mutual compensation system based on Ethix token.

EthicHub’s cornerstone and biggest asset is the crowd-collateral it created with its community. EthicHub’s community who buy the $Ethix token and stake it on behalf of unbanked farmers, enable farmers to attract more investors to invest capital in their projects; whilst giving those same farmers a security in the case of loan default and be able to pay back those capital investors.

Ethix is a token that bridges DeFi with a productive economy. EthicHub started running a successful p2p lending operation for its first 3 years of life without a token.

DeFi is yet an only financial economy artefact because of the challenges that going out the digital world implies. Supply chain/ international credit is yet excluded from the DeFi revolution just because a correct tokenomics design has not yet been achieved to overcome the challenges that i.e financing unbanked farmers implies.

We have achieved that bridge, with farmers not needing to deposit collaterals to reduce their funding costs by 10x, and investors enjoying coverage for minimising the risks of the p2p loans.

After 3 years in production without a token, learning from real users to achieve the best token design possible, Ethix launched on Balancer last dec 2020.

Basically Ethix is used to compensate possible loan defaults on the platform, be staked to become a credit originator at the platform, have governance rights in the EthicHub DAO , get high quality coffee with discount in physical and digital shops, and share the 4% of fees originated in the platform by buying new Ethixs tokens for compensation pool. All of that builds up a perfect incentives loop.

EthicHub is the first Regenerative Finance (ReFi) solution for the financially underserved little farmers trapped into the poverty circle.: helping them secure lending for sustainable impact. Yield farmers back actual farmers with regenerative practices, connecting DeFi to the productive economy of the real world: a crowd-lending backed by crowd-collateral.

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, lenders from all over the world are able to invest in the productivity of unbanked smallholder farmers, providing them access to affordable capital with minimised risk loans, all enabled by EthicHub’s Compensation System. It provides a liquid collateral to the lender’s capital in the form of staking Ethix.

  1. What is your website?
  1. Do you have a whitepaper and if so, where can we find a copy?
  1. Do you have a pitchdeck and if so where can we find a copy?
  1. Do you have a link to your tokenomics?
  1. Have your smart contracts been audited? If so, please indicate where the audit can be found.


  1. Can you list your relevant social channels?

Medium:EthicHub – Medium


Facebook: EthicHub


Gitlab: EthicHubTeam · GitLab

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ethichubeng


  1. Why do you want to work with Cult Dao?
  • Community with whom we share values and objectives
  • There is a perfect match between our ethos and activities and that of the CULT community
  • We believe that we perfectly fit the kind of projects which TheMany would like to support / invest in.
  • We can provide fast impact metrics and results from the investment to make TheMany proud of the achievements made by CULT.
  • We feel that the small niche of crypto people that is also interested in impact and change is heavily present in the Cult community. We want to be near such an amazing and powerful project to transform society.
  1. How does your project meet our three core tenants: fight centralization, further the cause of Decentralization, and support a noble cause?

We solve the centralization of the funding for coffee farmers on banks that do not give them even any credit or bank account.

We also help coffee farmers to reduce the intermediaries in their supply chain so they can get much better prices for their high quality crops, as we support them in bulk sales to end customers ( as roasters and even supermarkets) apart from the retail sale we do on our page sharing the profits with the producing communities.

We have dramatically increased the quality of life of all the communities and families to which our community lends money. Finally helping becomes profitable.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your team?

Jori Armbruster

Cofounder & CEO

Experience as CEO in wholesaler with over 800 employees and Mgr of family owned coffee estate

Gabriela Chang

Cofounder & CSO

Experience as Head of Dpt at Mexican Secretary for Economic Development and organic coffee producer.

Diego Pardilla

Cofounder & Lead Dev

Master on IA and Investigator

on DNA Computation. Prototyped bitcoin crowdlending in 2013

RaĂşl MartĂ­nez

Cofounder & Token Architect Blockchain developer since 2017, SmartContract Lead at Forta, Token Engineering contributor, exSamsung RnD

Jordi Riulas

Board Member and Business Development

Successfully exited two startups to Amper Group and Tom Tom. Business Angel targeting Crowdfunding and Biotech

Iñigo Molero


Co-writer first blockchain book in spanish. Organized first Bitcoin crowdfunding campaign in Spain

Eun Young

BackEnd Developer

Software development engineer. Organizer of GDG and other tech events. Master in PhytonDev.

  1. Is your token launched?

Yes, it was launched on Balancer on Dec 22,2020.

  1. If your token is launched, can you indicate your contract number and blockchain?

Ethereum mainet

Gnosis chain

Celo network ( wormbridge).


  1. If your token isn’t launched, when will your TGE take place?


  1. What are the terms of the investment vesting if it applies?

We would like to discuss with the community this terms in a potential workshop.

  1. How do you plan on creating awareness for your project or your cause?

We have been active in the ReFi space even before ReFi was a thing. Our traction and community has been built organically since 2017 with very little marketing expenditure as we have focused our efforts and resources on our product development. We have been very active in events and awards in both the impact investment and crypto ecosystems and we have slowly built a committed community of individuals that share and believe in our vision. Currently we are ramping up our awareness efforts to speed up traction mainly with (unpaid) presence in media and events and being very active in our social channels and content creation.

Figures as of 06/07/2022

English Telegram group: 871 members

Spanish Telegram group: 992 members

Twitter : 8.966 followers

Facebook: 6.3 k followers

Linkedin: 3.5 k followers

  1. How would funding from Cult benefit you or your cause?

The Cult support will help us continuing gaining traction and widening the scope of our impact by increasing the beneficiaries of the p2p loans, which at the end of the day is what counts to accomplish our objective of putting our two gweis to fight poverty within small farmer communities all over the world, collective that heavily suffers from poverty and disbalance between their work and income. The majority of the unbanked are smallholder farmers. They are the cornerstone of our economy and produce more than â…“ of the global goods and services. Excluding them out of the financial system is not only immoral, it is also unfair as modern technology can mitigate the risk associated with lending them capital: DeFi and blockchain technology enable people around the world to take part in solving this problem, and that is what we are fighting against since 2018.

  1. Can you list the main contact from your project?

Jori Armbruster- Co - Founder -

Telegram @joriethichub -

Discord - ​​@Jori Ethichub#5279

Email :

  1. Would you be interested in doing a Twitter space or Discord AMA with Cult Dao?

And share some stonesoup with The Many ? Yay!

  1. What would you want to tell the “many” about your project in order to convince the community that we should help to fund your project or your cause?

We are a Dapp that is truly fulfilling the promises of DeFi about democratising finance all over the world to fight poverty, with a 4 years track record , a countless amount of recognitions and awards in the impact space, but not being so sexy for the majority of the mostly greedy - numba go up cryptoworld. Look at our impact metrics and compare them to our market cap. We have seen a light of hope watching the birth of Cultdao as a community that really cares about pursuing the values and objectives that are part of our DNA. To be completely honest, for us each proposal accepted, means a lot, but what we find more valuable in presenting this proposal is establishing links with a community with which we feel so aligned and want to put our stones into the soup of change we are cooking.


I think that is a great idea, and Ethichub is absolutely aligned with CULT investment plan.


yeah, Cult is supercool and aligned with EthicHub and their community can be a changemaker for EthicHub if we succeed on engaging with them.
thanks for this proposal Alex!