DAO launching discussion

Ethix want to be governed by a DAO and we have to start the discussion of this roadmap to decentralization.
Main topics to be discussed are:
-Which decisions have to be decided by voting.
-How will be the executive day to day governance and how will be the relationship with EthicHub product and fiat lending platform.
-Voting power will be based only on ethixholding or will be boosted by participation/commitment?
-What DAO platform will be used: Aragon, DAOstack, Moloch, OpenLaw, Colony or other.
Just a small list but I am sure there are many more topics to be discussed.
Can´t wait to see a DAO running the Ethix!


Hi Jori,

exiting news! Here some comments regarding the points you are raising:

The first things I personally think about what should be governable by the DAO are about ETHIX minting/burning and distribution decisions, and management of other resource/asset pool. I guess there are other protocol variables that worth also to be governed by the DAO (and enforced by the smart contracts).
You should think about the prioritization on what can be decentralized or not in the first steps. Or maybe you can start by experimenting assigning some budget, to a Common Resource Pool and make it be governed by a pre-selected DAO configuration.

This might or might not be something to worry about in the first phase, I mean, if you follow my suggestions up here, you’d realize that we are talking about strategic governance, not operational or day-be-day thing. You would just need to assure your operations is funded by the DAO (acting as a steer committee).

voting power should be thought in consideration on what kind of agents are more or less impacted according to the type of decision in scope

Well, that’s the last thing to worry about IMHO… I’d rather start by an EthicHub DAO Manifiesto :wink:


Hey all, I just joined the forum (thanks to Renata, Jori and Guillaume on telegram). I am currently diving into the world of DAO’s and blockhain. My entry into the world is through DAOHaus, which uses the Moloch contracts to build tools to facilitate starting DAO’s. I’d love to contribute in any way I can here. I think for those new to DAO’s, this is an interesting short article: Four (and a half) Steps to Start a DAO-Powered Digital Community. 🚀 🤝 - by Adam J. Kerpelman - Haus Party


Please feel free to make proposals. We need people to take responsibility on the project of launching the dao which is the most important.

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