NTF coffee tree


Create a NFT for each physical tree that exists in fields of ethichub farmers. It is not strictly matching one NFT to one tree, but it matches the average number of trees per ha for each farmer. Approximately 3000 coffee trees per ha depending on the farmer plant program. This will limit the issue of NFT and give scarcity to tokens. Ethichub will not issue more trees that already exist in the field.

Each tree will have unique characteristics like fotografy, type of coffee, quality ( SCA points), annual production ( in Kg), farmer, community, GPS position area, …

Sell description:

We sell NFT coffee trees in exchange to Ethix. Each NFT could be sold from 3 to 10 ethix depending on the value assigned by us. For example one NFT coffee tree of arabica coffee could have more value that one NFT coffee tree of robusta.

Strategic objective

Sell 300K NFT coffee tree at 5 ethix average price. We boost ethix and generate 1.5M ethix buying pressure. DAO can decide after where the project can invest in the incoming ethix .

Passive income?

We have 3 options at least:

OPTION 1: NFT is a collectible card game with non passive income at the moment of issue.
OPTION 2: NFT will have the right to receive a x ethix at one date in the first year ( for example : 3 ethix for harvest season in January). Reward can be different depending on NFT characteristics. 0.5M of ethix rewards can come from inflation if DAO is agreed.
OPTION 3: NFT will boost your rewards in ethichub investment for example in staking, liquidity pools or vault investments.

NFTs to issue

50 farmers x 2 ha = 100 Ha
1 Ha = 3000 coffee tree → 300k coffee tree

Additional points to discuss

NFT can give a fee to a platform if they are selling in the secondary market.

Ethichub can issue more NFT with new communities coming to the platform. For example coffee farmers from Brazil or Cacao trees from Senegal.

Ethichub can issue tools like pulpers, organic fertilizer, etc that can be used to give a multiplier to any characteristics of NFT.

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Consideraciones adicionales:
Además mantenemos ingresos en el secundario de los NFTs y podemos emitir más
NFT con nuevas comunidades o tools como despulpadoras o fertilizantes naturales o secadores que incrementan la rentabilidad del NFT.

So, is this a “collectible card game” you buy with Ethix? or do we expect to be able to associate the particular tree with this NFT? (which is unfeasible IMO)

Maybe this is “every time we add a community, a new set of trading cards are published”? In this case, the rareness may be enough motivation to buy them… i would not give Ethix to NFT holders per se. Also every time there is the good news of another community is an event with limited edition nfts and

Maybe if you stake a rare NFT along with your liquidity providing position or investment, you boost your return 2x in Ethix. This way people are more incentivized to buy, but like whe buying a pack of trading cards, you might buy a pack full with very common ones.


I think you are right , it is better to give a boost of return on investment that gives ethix directly, I am just wondering about complexity in implementation and understanding of NFT buyers. At the end all these privileges will be implemented in external smart contracts and can be upgraded in the future.


After some discussions of this topic we have more clear way now. There will be at least three types of nfts to play in future gamified ethichub, kind of farmville with real yields and impact to real world:
-When user bet his ethix for a new loan originator providing capital for this newcomer to start operating, he/she receives a non redimible NFT that provides a return in ethix. There should be a minimum return from ethix incentives program and an upside depending on the loan originator performing. This NFT will be represented as land in ethix game.
-When user lend XDAI to farmers at fixed rate and fixed term, he receives a redimible NFT that gives low interest low risk return. This is what will be represented as coffee trees on ethix game.
-There will be booster Cards/NFT bought in Ethix that provide extra interest on lending activity. This cards will be represented as fertilizers, tools or anything that help farmers increase their productivity on real world.


I believe it is a great idea and I would add a fourth option which would be the actual ownership of the tree.
I mean for example there are companies that sell barrels of Whisky by doing this the company is in charge of barrels maintenance and it’s sale (profits of the sales are for the owners of the barrels not the company) and they charge fees for these assignments by doing so they can take advantage of the economies of scale, with the money earned by selling the trees our farmers could buy more acres to increase their production, better tools to increase productivity, etc.
As the barrel is a one time sell I think these trees should be seen as house rental where the farmers after selling the trees (or a portion of them) they would be workers of the trees owners which receive the rent once a year after sale of production. This rent could be 30% for the tree owner, 20% farmers, 50% EthicHub (or 40 to 10 or 10 to 40) of the sale price, depending on these percentages the price of the tree would be lower or higher because of the profitability of the investment.
These trees should be sold on an AMM by doing so the farmers could sell the trees at a high price (if they give confidence to investors and they have a good profitability) and they would NOT be at risk of losing all the money received from annual production due to natural disasters because they already have the money from selling the trees and they would share the risk of losing production with the new investors.
I think this could be tested in a community that might be interested and see if the results are as expected to implement it in the rest of the interested ones.

I hope you like the idea, I imagine it will take a lot of work to implement but I think the benefits can be very large for everyone.

Best regards,