Ethix to a cheap chain

Ethereum GAS costs have damaged Ethix potential since regular EthicHub users are not Crypto-wales that don´t care about 200USD cost for buying and staking Ethix.
We need to send part of Ethix Supply to other cheaper chain in order to give more utility to the Ethix (discounts, better interests, governance, gamification, etc).
This is the main alternatives that I think should be considered:
-XDAI due to low GAS fees and integration with lending activity.
-BSC due to highly active and diverse DEFI space that increase composability and so on utility for the Ethix.
-RSK because they are very focussed on working for the unbanked and in order to attract Bitcoin capital easier.
-Avalanche as a future bet due to its highly scalable architecture and widely supported proposal.
Other alternatives shouldn´t be discarded, there are plenty of fantastic solutions that could be considered. So many options make decision more difficult.
What do you think about this? Where do you think Ethix should go?
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We have to migrate part of the Ethix to BSC. Right now with volume and scalability is the best decision. Also with the link to binance it would help for a future listing. Maybe Polygon its another possibility. For example Aave has opened a market there.
I don´t know about the future but right now BSC is the way forward with huge volumes!

I would say that for exchange and sale we must be in Pancake (BSC), with pool and farming facilities as well as we are in ETH right now.

I would keep loans and operations in XDAI as strategy for next months.

To attract capital from different network I would suggest simple pools of money with fix AYP and time ( 8% 6 months) with ( DAI in ETH, DOC in RSK and XDAI).

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good thread to take into account!


BSC and its centralization yes or not, thats one question and seems to be impossible to reach consensus.
In the other hand ethereum gas problems have decreased after hardfork berlin and together with a solution for taking boots arbitrage activity out of the net so decision is not that urgent.
If loan activity is in xdai the normal thing would be to take ethix to xdai and open a pool in honeyswap too. This would give more utility to ethix while opening the ethix world to our crowdlending users. In the negative side we would split liquidity between ethereum and xdai and we would be further increase our bet on xdai which is losing the l2 battle against polygon. In polygon and quickswap there are 10 times more liquidity and users.

ETHIX could be in Sora too. Sora is a network built on Substrate, it works well, it is easy to build on it, it has low fees, and its philosophy is consistent with EthicHub. SORA intends to create a fair economic system in its network. Polkaswap runs on the SORA network, which is an exchange with strategies to attract tsunamis of liquidity from different chains and probably the one that will be the main DEX of the Polkadot ecosystem. If Polkadot succeeds in the future (it is the network in which more projects are being developed even ahead of Ethereum), being in the SORA network in its early days would be a hoot

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Hello everyone. Personally, I would not like at all to mortgage a project like EthicHub and Ethix to a platform like Binance. Because that’s what BSC is. Time and time again they have blocked the ability to trade on their blockchain in periods of high volatility with any excuse. Even believing in the “goodness” of Binance and if we think that everything is fortuitous and not manipulated, a network that collapses every time there are strong movements up or down, no matter how cheap the gas is, will never be a good choice.

Without a doubt, I prefer xDAI or similar, even if that means paying a little more for gas. In a balance with BSC and xDAI my choice is clear, if other players enter into the equation, as those pointed out by @jori, it would not be so clear.

The more technical issues, I leave to those who really know in this forum. I speak as an investor who prefers to protect himself from the “centralized platform risk”.

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Agree with this.

The more inmediate move to leverage our existing community should be xDAI, howhever EthicHub 2.0 should be chain agnostic, same as AAVE has markets in several chains.

My proposal is, while we define the DAO and process to contribute, we reach out to communities in those chains and see if they are aligned and interested in supporting us too. xDai is home to projects I consider aligned, like Commons Stack, Token Engineering, 1Hive…

In any case let’s end defining and starting simulation of the protocol, then reach out to those communities plus Polygon’s, etc and see how that goes.


I like polkadot a lot, but seems like a too bold first place to go. nowadays activity is on bsc, and matic mainly, and we already have lending operations (and so on users) in xdai so on of this should be the first move imo.
there has been some negative opinions on bsc centralization so would focus on matic or xdai for the first move

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seems to be that we have to start with xdai.
just sent 100.000ethix to xdai. ethix on xdai (xethix) is:
opened small pool with weth in honeyswap and another with dai in sushiswap.
let´s start trying to trade, add liquidity, open farming programs on honewswap, sushiswap or other projetcs on xdai!

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