Increase % return of loans if you own Ethix

You can invest in Ethichub loans at 8% of AYR
You can buy Ethix and stake or add to liquidity mining programs.

Encourage to buy and hold Ethix with a reward of +2% ( from 8% to 10%) in your returns at loans if you hold as minimum 10% of value of loan in Ethix in the same wallet.

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Agree 100%, this is a win-win situation. As you increase loan investors, you can increase ethix holders and viceversa.

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The prerequisite for this would be

  1. Have ethix in xDAI, to have it more accessible for platform users.
  2. Figure out the financials of how to do this without raising rates for the farmers.

A restructuring of the contracts would help (pooling all xDAI in a common…well, pool) will help to better keep track of this flows.

We can try creating a investment pool in ETH with DAIS.
We pay back 4% ( 8% APY) at 6 months maturity + 2% if you have at least 10% of amount in ETHIX in the same wallet at moment to invest and at moment to ask for return.
Can be improved with: ( other discussion topic)
a) each investment is a NFT right.
b) +2% if you chose that your fee is paid in Ethix.