Brazil Um Farm Pool

Hello, here is the proposal so that We can become an official node in Brazil :slight_smile:

About Boram:

  • Boram lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He is a coffee producer, roaster, barista and Q-Grader.
  • Currently he produces coffee with his father in two properties in two of the best coffee regions in Brazil. South of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo Caparaó.
  • Being the current Barista champion of Brazil, Boram has a deep connection with most of the coffee regions of Brazil, with access and relationships with many small producers.
  • Being also a producer, he has local knowledge of the many financial difficulties small producers face competing with large producers and local cooperatives.
  • Boram is specialized in producing and developing new varietals in Brazil, with 38 different varieties being produced in Fazenda Um. Also developing high quality post-harvest projects for producers to increase quality and learn about fermentation processes.

Fazenda Um Community

Fazenda Um, previosly called Fazenda Cachoeirinha, was abandoned by its previous owners for over 50 years. In 2011, Stefano Um acquired the property to dedicate it to specialty coffee production. Today, after 10 years of renewing and investing into sustainable production of high quality coffees, Fazenda Um is the biggest reference in the region for direct trade and quality. Today we export coffees directly to Asia, Europe and USA.
Fazenda Um MG is located in one of the most privileged regions of Brazil for specialty coffee. We are located in Serra da Mantiqueira, South of Minas Gerais, with average altitude of 1150-1300m. Our municipality is São Gonçalo do Sapucaí, a mountaneous region of south of Minas, with small to mid size ranging producers. Our terroir here is distinct, bringing coffees with sweet chocolate notes, along with beautiful fruity naturals, and delicate floral notes.
Currently in this community, we have partnered with 15 small size producers, who are every year investing in quality, looking for direct trading, and investing in sustainbility.

Fazenda Um ES
Fazenda Um ES is located in the region of Caparaó – in Espírito Santo. One of the top 4 highest altitude regions of Brazil. This local terroir is harsh with steep mountains. Many similarities to Central America. Average altitute of 1400-1800m.
Due to the regional difficulties, this region has been producing the best coffee lots of Brazil, but hard to access due to landscape and lack of local investment.
Local producers are very small, holding up to 1—5ha of production. Many of these producers are families that work and invest their entire lives into coffee production.
Fazenda UM ES has been working locally, along with our own production, with 12 small producers, helping with direct trading access routes, coffee post harvest consulting, and incentivizing sustainable practices.

Pool Details:

Pool Size: U$50.000,00

Goal: Distribute U$1000-U$5000 micro-credit to small holder producers in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo Communities

Objective for Communities:

  1. Provide Financial empowerment to local producers with competitive rates
  2. Invest in Specialty Quality post Harvest
  3. Invest in ecological and sustainable practices for specialty coffee, giving benefits to producers who reduce usage of defensive products, and shift to organic compost
  4. Provide direct trading routes for small holder producers, paying fair price for high quality coffees

Thank You All,

My Best Regards,

Boram and Danilo


Dear Boram and Danilo, welcome to EthicHub’s forum and thank you for sharing your proposal! I apologize for the time taken to answer you, but being our first pilot we were yet communicating through Telegram and I didn’t realize notifications to my mail were not activated. We are very happy to work together!
I think Raul and Danilo will help us to figure out the technical parts while Boram and I can work on the information to be displayed on the web for lending.
I will confirm delivery of info through Telegram and/or mail until I get more confident using Discourse.
Let’s make this happen! :slight_smile:


This is the start of the process to formalize Originator onboarding, hopefully we learn enough to end up with the first EHIP (EthicHub improvement proposal)

I think there is 2 parts in this:

1- Technical side:

I propose we modify our staking contracts to do a staking contract with a hardcap, funding period and review period.

I’ll post a proposal for the states of the onboarding a node this week.

Alternatively, if it gets too complicated we can just use an open ended staking contract as an experiment

2- How is the originator going to report progress and transparency to its community? The financial part is more or less understood, but we could share the farmers stories, crop progress, results, impact metrics… Accountability and transparency is key, and Gabriela and the rest of the team already worked in a framework for this with Mexico.

I propose we make a public, recorded meeting to discuss these matters.


I find everything they comment very interesting. Do you have any photos of the coffee lands?.

Very excited to getting started with our first originator node.

Many thanks Boram and Danilo.


A very interesting and also very exciting proposal that we can expand to other countries.
We already have some years of experience but I think it has been possible because of the transparency that has consolidated a strong foundation of trust between different parties of the project.
I think the trust/transparency is one of the main points that we must work to be able to create new nodes. What can we as a community ask for so that we can trust the new originators and what can they offer us to establish that trust? I throw the question so we can discuss it :blush:

Thank you @danilowhk and Boram


Absolutely in with this new project in Brazil. We meet personally with Boram and Danilo and they were extremely passionate and professionals.
We chat as well with our coffee advisor @kimossenblock and he confirm that Um project is one of better players of specialty coffee in Brazil.

Form Ethichub side:
a) It is strategic for Ethichub project be able to work with more than one loan originator in order to scale loan platform.
b) It will help a lot to sell green coffee framers production if we can offer roaster more coffee origins.
c) New challenges will push Ethichub to new horizons and will create more energy and traction.

Wellcome amigos ¡¡¡¡


Reading about the first originator node of Ethichub outside Mexico is truly exciting!
Thank you @danilowhk and Boram!

I think consolidating transparency on the processes as well as expand our knowledge about these Brazilian communities will be key to understand your specific context, and being able to transmit this confidence to all the stakeholders.

It could be great if you can share some multimedia assets like photos or videos, to understand more about these 12 small producers, understand their context and their concerns directly from them.

We all together should be able to transmit a culture of trust, in the system, in the productive communities, and in the people that want to invest in them and I think this is a first great step/opportunity to spread the social impact investments at a global level :slight_smile:


It is exciting to hear a new proposal from Brazil.

I hope we will see your projects soon on the Ethichub platform. Meanwhile, as Carlos and Diego mentioned would be amazing to see some pictures and videos of the region and how the work is done.

Tenha um bom dia! :sunny:

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Still feeling the shrivers down my spine while reading your post and proposal to become a creditoriginator, and excited to see in sight a governance (or several) decision votes, for which we can use discourse as an off-chain vote. And looking to how promising your proposal looks, the output seems clear to me :)))

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Hello Boram and Danilo, I’m sharing here EthicHub’s guideline to certify good social, economic and environmental practices. The formulary is designed to nYES to possitive points and NO to negtive ones

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