New staking policy to scale originator loan nodes

This is a proposal to adapt Ethichub staking policy from one unique loan originator in Mexico to several loan originators in any part of the world. Work with more loan originators will allow scale Ethichub project.

This proposal will be implemented in new Brazilian originator node if finally implemented in the Ethichub platform.

Current general staking policy:

See details in documentation of Ethix: Compensation System - EthicHub and in statistics Ethix Ethix

Proposal for backing originator node:

We fix Initial objective cap for node, in this case 150.000 Ethixs. Represents aprox 150% of 50.000 USD assigned form node’s loans.

Objective will be fulfilled by:

20% Originator ( 30.000 ethixs) .Not accruing rewards, 1st to be sold if originator defaults

20% Node auditor ( 30.000 ethixs. ETHICHUB platform). Not accruing rewards, 2nd to be sold if originator defaults

Once 40% is fulfilled, rewards will start to apply to the staking pool of node, and will be open for node backers.

60% Backers

  • 3rd to be sold if originator defaults

  • Accruing continuous incentive rewards (i.e 200 ETHIX / DAI)

incentive rewards are adjustable. We should calculate target APY for fully collateralized . When the project is fully collateralized (150% in USD value), APY will be adjusted with current incentive policy ( now is 60%). If node is over collateralized , for example 200%, daily rewards can be adjusted to disincentive more backers, and against if node is nor enough collateralized, for example 100%, rewards can be increased.

  • 4% Fee in XDai of each node loans will be converted to Ethix closing day and it will create a special event reward day of payment. xe. Loan 10K USD, 4% is 400 USD, that represents 800 Ethixs. On repayment date day, daily rewards will be 800+200 instead of 200.

  • There is no cap on Ethix staked, but rewards will go down if overcollateralized as said before

  • 10 day cooldown, 3 months unstake window

Node defaults will be covered , from first to last.

  1. 20% staked by Node
  2. 20% staked by EH
  3. 60% staked by bakers.
  4. General compensation reserve
  5. Liquidity pools
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  • Originator Hub and EH can unstake only if Originator Hub is dissolved or migration to new version is needed. Backers unstake according to cooldown / unstake window
  • Exchange rate for successful loan bonus used is the one when the project is funded. Later in Layer 2 this will be an actual token purchase, and now we are grouping token purchases in L1
  • Emissions per day will be raised as needed if position grows (need more ETHIX because it needs more loans, for example)
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