Ethix allocation incentives in CELO network V2. Detailed distribution

Dear ethichubbers,

We agree in proposal ethix-allocation-incentives-to-celo-chain to move 1M ethix form mainnet Ethereum reserve to incentive reserve in CELO.

As well we agree in the proposal ethix-reward-allocation we are using 150.000 ethix per year in CELO network to incentive staking, and liquidity pools.

Currently we are spending 50.000 ethix /year in general staking in CELO and 100.000 ethix/ year in Symmetric liquidity pool.

Add 50.000 ethix /year for farming program in UBESWAP in farm 50% Ethixs / 50% cUSD
This reward means 10K-20K usd annually, that means 50%-100% APY in TVL farm is 20K usd.

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