Ethix allocation incentives to Celo Chain

Proposal for the transfer of Ethix for the opening in Celo Chain
For the opening in Celo, EthicHub will need to provide Ethix.

  1. Colllateral Reserve:

We propose to move 5 000 000 of Ethixs from the collateral reserve in Mainnet to the collateral reserve in Celo, for the collateralization of the Minimice bonds

  1. Incentive Reserve:

We propose to transfer 1 000 000 of Ethixs from the incentive reserve in Mainnet to the incentive reserve in Celo, for the rewards program of staking. (Ethixs or Liquidity Pool Tokens).

Topic to be discussed:

  • Reward allocation
  • Collateral allocation

Thank you community :), take care !!

APPROVE MOVE TO CELO 5M ethix compensation POOL
  • YES
  • NO

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APPROVE MOVE TO CELO 1M ethix incentives
  • YES
  • NO

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Very good. I think Celo is the most aligned ecosystem and so on we have to do a big bet on Celo.
We have been invited to join as founding partner the Celo ReFi index and have to commit USD 100k in Ethix plus another USD 10k in farming rewards for the first 3 months. This means more than 700k ethix at actual prices which is a lot but is also a great opportunity to create demand for the ethix for a much wider audience.
This means we keep about 300k from the 1M in incentives proposed to commit to Celo.


a) Create a Minimice Bond in Celo that allows anyone invest cUSD at 9% APY return in Celo network will be great for Ethichub project. We will found more alienated investors of stable coin ( cUSD) in CELO ecosystem, people worried about climate change and social injustice. As well in Celo low network fees allows create a great investment with a few cUSD and APY not be eaten by fees. OPINION : favorable 5M ethix from ETH main compensation pool to Ethichub CELO compensation pool.
b) Create a staking opportunity in CELO will allow little investors support Ethichub project by buying Ethixs in UBESWAP and SYMMETRIC, and will create a healthy and nice demand of token in a great ecosystem.
c) Be in a Celo REFI index with other partners like ReSource, EthicHub, impactMarket, PrimeDAO, Toucan (NCT), and Celo is a honour for Ethichub and we will have amazing impact all together. OPINION: favorable to 1M incentive ethix to CELO